Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Have you heard the one about the 2 businessmen in the jungle?

I heard this joke a few years ago but it seems very relevant in today's economic climate.

There were two businessmen walking through the jungle when they heard the roar of a ferocious beast in the distance. They turned to see that a hungry lion was running quickly towards them.

One businessman calmly opened his briefcase, took out a pair of running shoes and bent down to put them on.

The other businessman said: "Are you mad you'll never outrun that lion"

The other businessman replied: "No I don't have to run faster than the lion - I just have to run faster than you!"

In this economy many of your competitors will be cutting back on their on marketing, advertising and promotion but this is precisely the time when you should be INCREASING your budget for these things.

This recession will claim many businesses - make sure you have your running shoes on.

Best wishes

Jon Hurley

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