Thursday, 1 July 2010

Behind the BP logo

Greenpeace are running a competition to design a new logo for BP that's more suitable for their dirty business - especially in regard to their intention of exploiting the tar sands oil deposits in Canada - one of the dirtiest forms of oil extraction there is.

After submitting my logo (above) I went on to Flikr to view the other entries. It was interesting to see, maybe not surprisingly, that most of the other logos were very similar.

Politics aside, and speaking from a purely design point of view, I do quite like BP's logo. It is reminiscent of the sun or the structure of a sunflower and points the way towards alternative forms of energy that all oil companies will eventually have to diversify into at some point before the oil runs out.

It's a shame that such a great iconic brand has become tarnished by the corporate irresponsibility that has led to the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

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